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Many people incorrectly believe that the garage door opener is the main component involved with moving a garage door up or down. It's true that the motorized garage opener does help lift the door when it opens and closes, but all the heavy lifting is done by garage door springs.

In Austin, your garage springs will eventually break, and when they do be sure to call AAAffordableAustin Overhead Door. If you need assistance with replacing worn or broken garage springs, our certified and highly experienced garage specialists can assist you. We replace old or broken garage door springs in Austin and its surrounding areas. 

Garage Interior in Austin, TX

Broken Springs in Austin, TX

In 2011, there were over 45.4 million injury-related hospital visits and roughly 30,000 of these visits were garage door related. These injuries included fractures, crushings, and amputations, but most of these injuries resulted from a homeowner's tinkering with a garage door's broken springs.
In Austin, most local area garage doors are equipped with torsion springs. Many people assume that replacing a spring is a do-it-yourself job when it is actually not. Don't damage the objects in your garage or injure yourself attempting to replace broken springs in Austin. Our trained experts are very familiar with replacing broken garage door springs and are happy to perform the task quickly and effectively.

Replace Garage Door Springs in Austin, TX

Most laymen and do-it-yourselfers lack the proper tools to properly replace garage door springs. In Austin, only a qualified and knowledgeable repairman should ever attempt to replace old or broken garage door springs.

Few people, apart from experts, know how many winds a garage spring needs, nor do they know what type of springs are needed. Torsion springs are under extreme pressure; if improperly removed, the tension is released. Improper removal can cause massive amounts of damage, including amputations and death. Next time you need to replace garage door springs in Austin, be sure to contact the professionals at AA Affordable Austin Overhead Door.

Don't risk damaging your goods or body by attempting to replace your old garage door springs in Austin. Call AA Affordable Austin Overhead Door for fast, affordable, and professional garage care needs. Our technicians service all of Austin, including the surrounding communities of Round Rock, Cedar Park, Leander, Lakeway, Pflugerville, Windermere, Jollyville, Georgetown, Dripping Springs, San Marcos, George Town, Taylor, Marble Falls, Fredericksburg, Brenham, and Lockhart, TX.

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